Monday, March 9, 2009

I Watched Kambing Jantan Today

It's cool and hilariously funny! But sometimes the scenes were a bit awkward...
I give 8 from scale 1 to 10.

Anyway, that is not the point that I want to share :)

I watched the movie with Mosa, and I guess I can say I'm so happy, or maybe ECSTATIC fits better! I'm ecstatic about how we make up for everything that had been destroyed us this week. I'm glad to have this relationship back just like it was.

143, Mosa

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear my other half,

I want to sing Decode by Paramore for you. It reflects me to you so well I think,

"How did we get here? When I used to know you so well...

I'm screaming, 'I love you so' but my thoughts you can't decode!"

Elmore's Birthday

Today I attended Elmore's Sweet Seventeen birthday party. His birthday actually on March 5th, but the party was executed today.
Located @ Pronto PIM, which is an 'all you can eat' restaurant. So you can guess, right? Me and my friends ate like craaaaaaaaaazzzyyy hahaha :p

We try every single kind of food there, our table was so full of dishes. It was almost like a holy communion, but with various kinds of food! Such as pizza, lasagna, shell, garlic bread, sausage, steak, chicken wing, etc.

The food was delicious, but then everything was going a little too much. Based on Anggy's idea (thank you, dear hehehe) we planned to have a little competition. It's a drinking competition :)

The contestants are:
cindy, me, febe

anggy, inge, momo

What we should do is to drink 1 coca cola, 1 orange juice, and 1 coffee. The one who could drink all of those, of course the fastest one, be the winner.
(I KNOW WE'RE SILLY, I'm sorry for our stupidness!)

It all started fine, until the game had begun. We thought it was easy, but it turned out way so different! The cola was bizzare, and blend it with other O.J. and coffee? It was even worse.
But we got the winner! YEAAY!
Congratulations Momo! and Anggy who got the second place :)

I lost anyway, huahahaha! The drinks were so cold, my teeth was all shivering. I gave up, I didn't finish my cola, and so does the rest of the participant. There was no third winner hehehe
But that was not the end of the story.

After that, our stomaches hurted so bad. It felt like it was going to blow up! I'm not lying. We felt spectacularly unwell. We ran to the toilet and we threw up together.................

How sad, how stupid, how funny it was. LOL
A friend of us recorded the competition in a video. I promise I will post it later :)
Fortunately the throw up part was not recorded. HUAHAHAHAHAHA it's rrrrrrrrrrrr clumsy.

P.S. : Cindy was the only one who didn't throw up. You go, girl! :)

Well I guess it's been pretty fun today :)
Except the fighting part between me and Mosa. I don't know, but I admit this week is a tough week. We argued almost all of this week, it drive me nuts.

I don't know, I feel so insecure.

Ah whatever, who the hell cares? LOL
Well, we didn't took many pictures. But here I post you some:

adit, inge, fredy, meyer, cindy, eky, febe, momo, anggy, me

me, inge, anggy, momo, cindy, febe, ellen

I don't know what this game called, but it's a real fun! 7 of us played together, and I WON!! hehehe (norak)

the guests
And this is what I wore today, 3 people called me Sailor Moon ;P
Vintage sailor top, Conchetta shorts, Opium@Moose bag, Converse low-neck sneakers

Thursday, March 5, 2009

call me a betrayer....

because I do!

Okay, here the story goes. At school, I have this task called live in report going on. Me and my teamwork have to make a formal report (in Indonesia we usually call it makalah/karya tulis ilmiah). And believe me, it's sooooo complicated.
Not too difficult, but yes it's pretty make me lazy....................
I've no interest for it, like, almost AT ALL.

Well anyway, besides that factor, what makes me reaaally F***ING UPSET is because this ridiculous report force me to use like zillion of papers!!! (ok it's kinda superfluous)but grrrrrrrr
All of this time I'm really trying myself to be as green as I can. I've been telling myself to always use less paper, but this report............................. totally a joke because it makes me spend about more than 100 papers. See? How can I not be upset??

Each report needs 20 papers. Then I have to copy it to make 4 pieces of report: 3 reports for 3 teachers. Another one is for my team.
My team has to hold at least one report, for the presentation which will be executed tomorrow.

4x20 = 80 papers
Then add 20 more, because my team did some errors on the report.
Don't forget, if I made a mistake, then I have to fix it again then print the report again.

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I want to kill somebody!