Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers Darling: Megan Fox

There's nothing else I can say, except I'm in love with Megan Fox. If you have no clue about her, well she's the one who plays Mikaela Banes on Transformers 1 & 2 :)
I adore her goddess-like face. She was also named the FHM's World's Sexiest Woman of 2008 based on an annual reader's poll, beats Angelina Jolie!
What a sexy charm, how can I ever be like her? LOL :P

I kinda like her casual fashion street style :) Cutie.

I love the picture of her in a red casual jumpsuit the most. Woohoo, stunning!

Transformers 2 = Madness

Nowadays, seems like everybody is veeeeery into this hot summer movie Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen, don't you think so?

Yesterday I went to few malls *what a mall rat LOL
And I got these crazy facts:
Blitz Megaplex Grand Indonesia : 3 of their 10 auditorium plays Transformers 2
XXI Plaza Indonesia : 3 of their 4 studios plays Transformers 2
XXI EX : 3 of their 4 studios plays Transformers 2
XXI Platinum FX : 4 of their 4 studios (I'll make it simple, ALL) of their studios plays Transformers 2

Geez, crazy right?
Well, I haven't seen the movie. Soon, definitely :) My friends all said that the movie was very entertaining!
Just a little tip, come to the studio as early as you can. Because if you're not, I predict you will have a looooooooong queue, will get a front seat, or worse: you don't get any seat.

p.s. : comment please about the movie if you have watched it! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm so mad, I can even eat someone alive ARGH!
I keep wondering how can life be so unfair?

Ah, whatever! It's your lost, not mine. We'll see who's gonna laugh at the end.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quickie Post!

Dear people,
I've seen these sneakers for few times and I just can't help myself not to drooling over it.
It's a genius choice of color, it's bold, and yup it's neon! It's designed by Nike featuring with NYLON magazine ;)

Now you get why it can be so hot, right? It's NYLON, every little thing from them are genius and fashion-forward. I wish wish wish I can work for NYLON magazine someday :)

Yummy, rite?? Hehehe
Choose one color that you prefer! For me, I want the blue one and the pink one.
Errrrr, and if I really have to choose just one (which is a really tough decision), I want the blue one please. Simple reason, I've never had any blue sneakers before! :) *mwahahaha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seventeen Magazine Internship

Hey guys!

On June 2nd I got a phone from Seventeen magazine confirmed me that I've been chosen as a finalist of Seventeen Magazine Internship, as a Stylist Assistant. I was shocked, because the phone came to me while I was studying physics for the next day test! But I'm happy though hehehe

Well, the selection held on June 6th at Femina Office and I can assure you that it was a super fun experience! I learned alot from there and the best part is I met 9 fabulous girls :) 4 other Stylist Assistant finalist and 5 Feature Reporter finalist.
They're all so nice and fuuuuuun to hang with, I had a blast! I'm so blessed to have this kind of opportunity, thanks God :D

And ummm, we didn't took many pictures (and we regret it so much!!!) LOL
But we still got few hehehe (Gita: gue izin copy paste fotonya yaaaa)

the styling challenge

Why do I look so pale on pictures above? Rrrrr I should have my lipbalm first hiks ;(
Thank you mbak Imesh, mbak Daisy, mbak Lusi, mbak Rara for having us. I enjoyed so much our quality time, I LOVE SEVENTEEN! LOL ;P

PS : Kara was selected too as a Reporter finalist :) Ora et Labora should be proud *muahahaha (norak)