Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Sorry

Blame me for not posting since date 24th...................................
I'm pretty busy actually -.-
The Christmas Celebration quite spent most of my times, and also I'm busy planning for the New Year's Eve Celebration! :)
Hopefully, I can celebrate it with my friends (it's not like I don't want to celebrate it with my big family, nope, but I reaaaaaallly want to experienced new things. I really do)

Next post : I'll post pictures of my New Year's Celebration, yipppppppiiiie!

muchlove, ;P

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jingle Bell Rocks

I got my Sour Sally today, yihaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! At last! Hehehe
A bit long queue I had but it's totally worth it. Viva Sour Sally! :)

Here the story goes, at 2 pm I went to Sour Sally in Senayan City, and then (as usual) a stupid thing happened. Because of me. My foolishness. Geez, haha

I thought Sour Sally was on the 4th floor, the floor where mostly restaurants and foodcourts are, so I took the escalator to the 4th floor. But after I arrived, then it's just pop up in my mind that Sour Sally is on the lower ground floor. I remembered that I read it yesterday on magazine hehehe silly me ;P

And still....... at the lower ground floor I was searching for Sour Sally all over the place, and can't found it! But it's okay, I found it anyway at last (after I travel the whole lower groundfloor twice) huahahahaha. It's right next to my eyes but I just didn't recognize hihi. I can be so clumsy, I tell ya.

plain flavor medium size with kiwi and strawberry topping, yum! :)

my silly-happy-stupid face haha

And Mosa, thank you for accompanied me. :)
Sorry for the clumsiness, it must be reaaaaaally tiring to hangout with me, rite? Hehehe

I'm lucky to have such a superpatient person like yoooooouuuuuuu! Hehehe

Well, back from Senayan City, at 7 pm I went to Christmas Night Celebration at church.
And uuuuuuuuuuurrrggghhhhhhhhhh I don't know why, I really can't concentrate when I'm in church lately. I used to be paying attention well, but now I'm a total loser! I can't stop text messaging the whole ceremony, geez. I'm a sinner. I only pay attention when there's a choir singing. Wtf?! I'm feeling guilty honestly....... sigh.

Well, Merry Christmas everybooooooody ♥ ♥ ♥
and Happy Birthday, mom! :)

Hugs and kisses,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Just like the other night (oops, correction: the other booooooooooooooring night), I surfed the internet like crazy -_- euwwwwwwww

and I just found this:

Confused? Well, it's an image of kids in Bangkok, Thailand. As we all know, Thailand has many (or shall I say much?) transexuals, and you know what? Sometimes they're even prettier than the original local girl (woaah) haha. It's amazing because, as far as I see, mostly of Indonesian transgender still lookin' like a guy. And it's pretty scary sometimes (no offense).

But I had never wondered that the urge to be a transexual has already came when they are still in school!!!!
It's funny at first to see those pictures, but it's hurting me also. I mean, how come????
They're sooooo lady-like.
They're posing like me when I take pictures.
Oh gosh......................

Monday, December 22, 2008


I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant Sour Sally's frozen yoghurt, like...... rite now? Mos? Hehehe
Please please please I'm beggiiiiiiiiing you! :)

Hmmmmmmppphh I hate to post those picts, I'm craving even more right now :(

Bolt (Y)

I had my sidi todaaaaaaaaay (claps) :)
and I think I went through every details of it really good. I'm cool ;P
Please ignore the last post about my nerve-wracking thing before sidi, i'm pretty 'lebay' you know hehehe

Today I also went to a movie and watch Bolt. So-so movie, I think...... just a common story about dog and his person. But the Bolt is reaaaaaaaaally a cutie. Several times it reminds me about Obel, a silly white-fur poodle I have.
The way Bolt barks or sleeps, exactly the same way like Obel does.

Ah well, can't write too long. :)
I gotta practice the 'Christmas Time' song that I will perform on my family Christmas party.
I'm still working on memorizing the lyrics, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Hope I can memorize all the lyrics and also the notes before December 27th.
How I hate deadline ;(

See you, muchlove !

Friday, December 19, 2008


Oh God..............................
The day after tomorrow I will have my Sidi at the church.
It's scary
It rush my adrenaline (copy tagline Tornado, Dufan hihi :P)

It sounds ridiculous, I know. It's just a little thing called Sidi huahahahaha (belagu).
Nothing to be afraid... yes, in theory.
But hey admit it! I'm clumsy, often do silly things out of my control, aaaaaaaa it's freaking me out! Hiks

What if my voice is not loud enough when I say my vow to the reverend and have to repeat it again?
What if I slip my shoe when I bend in front of the reverend?
What if I rip my dress?
What if I forget the line of my vow?
What if....
What if.........
Many people will watch all of those silly sceneries and laugh at me HIKS

Ah okay I know I'm overreact, but hiks I do really scared....................

lovelove, djenar the lebay girl. ;(

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bathing Issues

Today i got my school report . my mom took it, and surprisingly she didn't 'present' me many commentaries like she used to, which is good huahaha
I think i was lucky, because many friends of mine can't take their reports because their score is not high enough to keep up with the SKBM (aaaaaaaa i forget what SKBM stands for, is it Standar Kompetensi Belajar Mengajar?? i don't know, sotoy mode on :P)

Aaaaa being a science student is obviously uneasy , I gotta work hard to keep up with the tasks, homeworks, tests, freaking abbreviation, numbers, ah you name it. :(

I'm still young and i want to enjoy my high school experience, live crazily-happy, and i found it hard to be like it.......................... hiks

Ah well, but i don't regret my decision to took the science program instead the social program. I really dislike economy subject actually. Hate it like hell, mwahahahaha :P
The teacher is really unsupportive and in my own opinion, REALLY ANNOYING and (sorry for this Ma'am) her face is kinda looks like a hamster

I am cruel , I know, my bad hihi

MWAHAHAHAHAHA some of my friends even says that her face also look like a frog. Oh my God, what a flexible face she has. xDD

Okay, stop it!

mmmmh today I designed maaaaany projects to do. Some of it still on brainstorming phase for the ideas, and while I'm writing this posts I'm doing my browsing for these projects. I'll tell you one of my projects, it's the simple one. The most simple yet so silly, but maybe the most difficult to do:


aaaaa speechless.

Yippee For The Very First Post

aaaaaaa here i am blogging again hehehe. this is not my first blog actually , i made one (or two??) when i was in junior high but yeah i only do one post and i'm not continuing.
i even forget what was the title of the blog! oh yeah my mom was right, i'm a very careless person yet so forgetful (: hehehe

okay, so i'll try to keep on posting
lovelovelove <3333333