Monday, February 16, 2009

leopard for my valentine wehehehehe

On February 14th (which was Valentine's Day), I went to Pacific Place and Grand Indonesia. I had some bites at Pancious (a lovely little restaurant there, pretty cozy and good atmosphere). The place has a really good vibe, I'm exciting to go there again next time! :)

Well, I had an Oreo Cheese Pancake with vanilla ice cream, and Mosa ordered mushroom fettucine.

mushroom fettucine

oreo cheese pancake with vanilla ice cream

I actually like the mushroom fettucine better than the pancake, hehehe. I will have my own next time :)
Moooooss I'm so sorry if I ate quite many of yours fettucine yesterdaaaaaay hehehehe.

Here some pictures I took yesterday :) check out more on my facebook.

Wish you some L.O.V.E. folks, mwah!

ps: pssst i wore an leopard skirt that was so not me but now absolutely me :) how i adore animal print!

Friday, February 13, 2009

in need of a little outfit playing

Aaaaaaaaaaa I'm very confused!
As we all know tommorow is valentine's day :DD (yiihaaaaaa)
I'm planning to go tomorrow, but the destination............. aaaaaa I haven't decide it. Let my partner prepare all the details hehehe
How I loooooove being a woman. We can depend everything on guys HAHAHA (ketawa iblis)

Back to topic, I'm very confused about what I will wear tomorrow. Actually, I bought a dress a month ago, special for this event. BUT, I recognize, that the dress was a bit too much for valentine. So I prefer to just keep it in my closet for now, saving it for another event :)

Last night I exploooore my closet, found two outfit that I think would be nice to wear tomorrow, but errrrrrr
It's a bit................... unlike me usually.

Both of them are mini skirts
Both of them are sleeveless

I've never use any sleeveless dress or shirt before, because of my big big big arms (grrrr)
I rarely use mini skirts, I prefer pants.
But now I break the rules :)
I've been dieting since 4 days ago and I succeed to lose weight. Now I'm 46kgms (HAHAHAHA)
Unfortunately, seems like my arms don't change any bit. It's still huge :'(

Anyway, the skirts option is between black balloon skirt and leopard black & white skirt (yeah, what a brave option hehehehe)
IDK, let's see what happens tomorrow ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Wanna Have a Try!

Hey y'all
I've just googled statement necklace, a fashion item that I reaaaaaaaallly adore right now :)
But eventually, the spotlight goes to this unique shoes!! A heelless shoes. I found it unintentionally.

designed by Antonio Berardi

Marc Jacob's

Victoria Beckham wore it also. And I actually like this one better than the first picture

What an artsy shoes, right? But oh my, wearing high heels shoes are already a complete torture for your feet. What about this heelless?! Maybe even worse......... If our feet could cry, then maybe they would hehehehe. Walking in them will be like walking on your tip toes. I keep picturing myself in them and then falling backward on my ass lol. Probably only ballerina can make these work out :)
Anyway, I still heart these because it's different and out of the box. But I'm still wondering how could we walk on these shoes? How can we not fall? I'll ask my physics teacher later. Some scientific answer would be nice hehehe (ah geez, now I remember about my physics test tomorrow.. errrrr another painful thing)
Ah forget it, here I post you another cool pics I found! :)

a model fell down when wearing these killer shoes oh my it must be so painful ;(
I hope you don't mind that I always throw my rubbish thoughts in this blog hehehehe

Monday, February 9, 2009

my dreamy legging

I had a dream last night, and I dreamt about myself bought this legging at a store.
It's ridiculous HAHAHA
I had never dreamt about shopping, so I found myself really amazed by this dream experience though I also found it a little weird.

But uh............ maybe this is a sign from God for me
I have to have this legging. They're totally cute, aren't they? :) Huehehe
I found the store who sell it, but they have no stock right now, so I have to wait for about 2 weeks. That's okay, I can wait. I have reserved one.
Aaaaaaaaaa I'm ecstatic too have them!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Naaaaay I don't know
After I read several posts on my blog, it was just popped up on my mind that I think I need myself to take some english course, don't you think so?
I've never taken any english course my entire life, and I think I need it now.
My english is so ill.............. haha

Fyi, I only got formal english education from school. The rest, I think I got to thank to my DVDs, TV series, and TV cable hehehe
So sorry for my bad english in this blog, I hope you don't mind.

I considerate to take EF (English First), but ya know, I'm not a scheduled person so maybe this course-thing would be a total pain in the ass for me, errrrr wish me luck ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

paper clip

I found this quote and I'm pretty agree with it :)

"Man needs a lady in his arm, a whore in bed"

It's The Best Feeling When I'm Home

I'm so glad to be at home :) suddenly I heart everything in my house so much
Well, I just got back from Bantul to attend my school program called live in (February 2nd-5th). It's a program where we, students, have to experience how it feels and how hard it is to live in a small village with all of its plus and minus.
Bunch of my friends said they were having LOTS of excitement, and obviously sad when we have to return to Jakarta. But................. I don't.
I don't know. I do love my live in mother, Bu Lastri. She's young (she's only 26!), pretty, genius at cooking, and funky too! haha
But I crazily miss my family here in Jakarta. Almost every night before I sleep, I cried.
I was AWFULLY homesick, I tell you!
It's weird, I think.
Because my mother is a stewardess for more than 25 years (since before I was born), so it's not a problem from me if she has to work and leave the house for few days or weeks. I'm pretty use to be at home without her.
My father works as a chemical engineering consultant, and sometimes he also leave the house for few days, manage his chemical thing. I'm used to it too.
But I don't know whhhhhhhhhyyyyy this time I was so homesick?
The 2nd night I called my mother, and I was crying so hard.
PS: thank you animals (tokek, kelabang, kecoa, kadal, tokek, laba2, kalajengking) for your bloody scary appearances. You made my day even worse!

Another guy I miss the most is my brother! Aaaaaaaaaaa I admit this guy is hard for me to leave. His name is Christopher, but me and my family call him Makys. He means the world to me *mulai lebay gue haha
Well he never leaves me alone for a long time, most of the time he always with me at home. We're playing together almost everyday, and he's the one I can tell everything. He's the one I always can lean on.
I'm a big sister, but I'm spoiled by my little brother HAHAHA (ketawa setan). When I don't have any money and craving for some food, he will bought it for me. If he wants McDelivery, he always ask me what I want before he pick up the phone. Plus plus: he's super kind, most of the time he pays the bill hehehe
It seems like I'm a total parasite, right hehehe
But if he don't have any money, of course he can borrow me some. So it's a symbiosis mutualism. (ngeles, malu kok kelihatannya gue bokek banget haha. Tapi beneran, barusan dia minjem goceng)
When I'm thirsty but lazy to get up from my bed, he'll take a bottle of water for me. If I want to go somewhere, he'll take me there by motorcycle if it's not too far from home (he's only 12 he don't have any driving license hehe). You know I can't ride a motorcycle, even bicycle ;(
I can ride bicycle, but a small one! And I can't turn right nor left really well. How embarassing.

Too much I can tell about him. I guess I'm the luckiest sister :)

He will pursue his junior high in Ora et Labora, so for 1 year I will be in the same school with him. Yeaaaaayyy :D

I'm so tireeeeeeeeed. I promise I'll post the live in pictures later :) bunch of love,