Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Krey and A Ring

Finally I attended Brightspot Market. Great vibe, great stuffs, but definitely the price is rather expensive for a high school student like me hehehe. But that's okay, it's an exciting event. I was be able to meet various local designers. Seen them in magazines and websites, I feel glad to see 'em in person. Go local designers! :) Indonesia should have more bazaar like this.


the place is quite small unfortunately

my shopping mates: Momo, Anggy, Inge

Anggy found her separated at birth twin! Hahahaha kidding. It was just a random guy, that apparently was wearing the same exact shirt like Anggy's. ROTFL!

I've planned not to buy too many things, so I didn't. I only bought 2 items: a white whipped-cream-alike ring from Katallog and a krey shawl from Cotton Ink. Cheap and chic! :D

fell in ♥ with it at the first sight

(taken from Cotton Ink) Sorry I don't post the real pic cause it's being washed when I write this blog hehe. And I bought the orange color actually.

It hurts my heart to see myself spending so much money buying all those fashion things. I know (MOSTLY) they aren't cheap. I still get money from my parents and I don't want to be a burden for them. Since that, I've promised myself not to spend alot anymore. Now I only pick basic thing, do DIY more, and definitely thriftiiiiiing! :D I rarely go to Mangga Dua, PIM, Sency, or any other malls to shop. Pasar Senen and Pasar Baru is my brand new hot-shopping-places!
Blog you when I blog. Smooches! ♥

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Next Event: Brightspot Market

I've missed their last event, won't miss this I promise myself!

Do go there guys, you won't regret it :)

Just Another Saturday Nite

Yesterday I went to Esmod open house. I'm sooooooo going to that uni, but unfortunately my mom haven't given me approval. Uh, I can only pray.

mom's shirt, Tendencies panda tee, Dolcevita high waist short, Converse by Jack Purcell silver sneakers

Anyway, I love my girlfriends a bunch. Maybe even more than my boyfriend. Oops! Haha kidding. IDK, I love them both equally :)

Ethnic Meets City

On November 21st, I joined Ethnicity, a make up competition held by Lasalle College Jakarta. Well actually I didn't join, I just helped my friend Shinta who asked me to be the model.

I was surprised because frankly I know nothing about modelling! LOL but I was excited, it's a great great opportunity and I'm really grateful, anyway :) I love trying new things!

The theme is about ethnic meets modernity. Shinta and I talked a bit about the make up and we came up with an idea to personize a peacock!

Cool, huh? :D Shinta did a great job with the make up! I'm blind about make up to be honest with you, I alwaaaaaaays amaze when I see myself wearing make up.
Well we didn't win the competition, but I'm still happy. Tired but happy. I love fashion, I hope someday I can work on fashion industry, which is a tough tough world. Make up and modelling is something that is very close to fashion industry, so, this experience means alot to me. I'm a sponge, I looove absorping new things.
Oh I wasn't this positive person but as I grow older, I think I'm becoming more mature handling everything. I think. I guess. I hope. :)

Anyway, in that event, there's also a dialog between audience and a make up artist (I totally forgot what his name is!) He came with a model and he did her make up.

she's sooooo tall!
Philip, Nadia, me, Shinta, Putri
That's all the story folks. Keep waiting on my next next experiences ahead! Smooches.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Eco Design Fashion @FOSIL - Santa Ursula

At the end of October, Cindy, Momo, Anggy and I joined a competition at Santa Ursula BSD. The title of the event is FOSIL: Festival Olahraga, Seni budaya, dan Lingkungan.

There are plenty of competitions there, quite fun. The one that we entered is a fashion design competition, and what makes it so unique is that we have to use recycle material! This is our sketch:

Click to see it!

At first we thought about making a gown-like dress, but because we only have 3 days to make the outfit (each day we got only about 3 hours) we chose to make a short dress. Besides, we also thought it would suit Anggy (the model) better. She's not too tall, so I guess she'll look better with the above knee length dress. Guess we've made the right decision :)

I didn't have time to take a shot when we were working on the dress, sorry :( but I took some when we were preparing for the catwalk.

Bayu (makeup artist slash our friend) did a fab make up!

We didn't win, but I felt so happy and I didn't regret at all joining that competition, I think it's a matter of experience. Very priceless experience, especially when yeah you know, there aren't many high school fashion competition in Indonesia. I did my best, gave my all. It's all gambling and I didn't expect myself to win.
Wonder why? Because I can't even sew! Huahahaha, I don't know a thing about sewing. Gotta say thanks a bunch to my friends, they all did the sew part. :P
PS: We sewed manually with our hands.

Oh and what makes me surprise even more is because I found my old friend when I was in Tarakanita 5 Elementary School, Yovita. She joined the competition also, and won the 1st place! Congrats! She's now in Sanur POS JakPus. Well the 2nd winner is Sanur BSD B, and the favorite winner is Sanur BSD A.

Inge, Febe, Stesa, Mosa, Eky, Chandra, came! Also Bagas, Kevin, Dhika, Chiwi, Lesa. Thanks for coming guys :)
Oh and well, the best part! We took pics in one of Sanur's class! Yes that legendary class. So sorry if we use your school's inventary (read: we stand on it). Truly it's just for fun hehe. Peace yo.

Tough Week

I hate to always apologizing at the opening of my post. But I do, I do really sorry for abandoning this blog of mine. :(

I'm so busy, I got BUNCH of courses, tests, assignments, those are killing me. I don't have anytime to enjoy myself or even go out somewhere rather far. Never do photoshoots again, or even do mix and match with my clothes.
Living as a 12th grader is TOUGH. Hell TOUGH. I feel like most part of myself changing. Say bye bye to fun.

My Physics textbooks and notebooks! Hrrrrr I like Physics but definitely not when I have to remember those insane formulas.
6 chapters, guys. Oh my.

Sometimes I just wanna cry at night, hoping that everything will get better. In that condition I could only pray, and then make a phone call with my bf, bursting all my sadness and anxiety. Huh, big time fragile loser.

Anyway, I've just passed my exam week! Yuhuuuu! Errr not yet over actually, because I still got 2 exam days more to pass, but I feel like it's already over because there are only few 'not so important' subject LOL

Oh and by the way, I joined a fashion design at Santa Ursula BSD and make up competition at Lasalle College couple of weeks ago. Will post it on the next post. Have a peek, guys! :)