Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tomorrow's my 17th birthday :)
I'm excited to through it but I feel some kind of bad feeling ;(
I wish my feeling's wrong...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pig Flu

Since few months ago, I've been acting much like Cinta Laura.
Yes, that famous Cinta Laura Kiehl :)

She's a lovely girl actually, but I think....... a bit too much. I hate how she's always telling everybody about what she eats and what she doesn't. Rrrrrrrrrr, many people who lives below poverty has to struggle to find food to eat! Seeing her so picky about food annoys me really haha.

Anyway I found these quotes from a blog, it's hilarious! HUAHAHAHA

"Aku pengen ke America atau ke England kalau udah masuk ke university.
Kalau di England pengen ke Oxford, kalau di America pengen ke Harvard atau Yale atau Princeton”
- Cinta Laura -

“Banyak orang-orang yang ikut dunia entertainment langsung drop out ofschool, itu menurut aku that’s really really stupid. Soalnya mereka nggak pikirin long term” - Cinta Laura -

“Aku gak suka dengan istilah boyfriend.. aku lebih suka disebut teman dekat.. teman buat punching, running, lari lari kecil …” - Cinta Laura -

”Bahasa Indonesia saya buruk sekali, jadi Cinta will be going to Australia to improve Bahasa Indonesia Cinta “ - Cinta Laura -

“Aku ada masalah dengan gastrow aku, jadi gak bisa puasa….” - Cinta Laura -

“Aku kalow di dalam negeri sukanya liburan ke Bali karna aku punya apartment disana” - Cinta Laura -

“Aku udah keliling keliling dunia, ke London, German and several countries karena papaku General Manager di Hyatt” - Cinta Laura -

“Cinta mengucapkan selamat puasa semuanya. Rock on !" - Cinta Laura -

“Makanan favorit Cinta tuh, cuna syusyi (baca: tuna sushi)” - Cinta Laura -

“Cinta ingin berhenti waktu career Cinta sedang naik, biar tetap dikenang. So kalau orang-orang mengingat Cinta itu oh my God, Cinta Laura…” - Cinta Laura -

“Cinta mengajar di sekolah untuk anak-anak ini karena pendidikan di Indonesia masih kurang dibandingkan dengan di German. Indonesia kan negara miskin, banyak orang-orangnya masih bodoh, tidak sekolah” - Cinta Laura -

“Waktu Cinta study tour ke India dari sekolah disana negaranya lebih kotor, banyak orang-orang miskin, rumah-rumah jelek di pinggir jalan. Orang-orang tidur di stasiun kereta, iuuugghhh… ..” - Cinta Laura -

"Dari kecil papa sudah punya banyak mobil. Waktu di German kita punya 5 mobil tapi karena garagenya tidak cukup jadi papa menjual mobil-mobil itu tinggal 2. Tapi aku paling suka yang Audi A4….” - Cinta Laura -

"Saya kalo pulang syuting langsung pulang, karena STUDENT A+, jadi harus langsung belajarrrr" - Cinta Laura -

"Cintaa mau dibikinin lagu ma mas Dhani karna it’s pretty cool, daripada lagu dangdut?Malesssss Bangetttt dengernyaaa. Lagu Rock seperciii (seperti) Avril Lavigne, ichuuu (itu)kerwennn (keren) bangget," - Cinta Laura -

“Ehmmm kalo saya koleksi Cengkorwak alias Tengkorak, itu juga kerwennn bangetttt“ - Cinta Laura -

Cinta Laura is a funny girl, definitely. How come she wants to improve her Indonesian languange skill in Australia?? It's 'ga nyambung', you know! >.<

Totally I can't read her mind. Back to topic! Lately I've been acting like her :) I often write my text messages to my friend in english, don't really care about my awful grammar HOHO. Geez, I don't know why. I sound very 'sok inggris'! ;P

Yesterday, I watched TV about 'Flu Babi' issue and quickly I texted Mosa about it. Again, I was 'sok inggris' and texted him all in english. Fortunately, I don't know what 'Flu Babi' called in english, so I just translate it into 'Pig Flu'.

Pig flu, pig flu, and pig flu. I was very proud of myself texting him in english. I feel myself sound very intelegent and knowledgeable. I feel like a Miss Universe contestant who's answering question from the judges in the question session!

But today I googled 'flu babi', and I found out that 'Flu Babi' isn't 'Pig Flu' in english. They call it 'Swine Flu'. Jeng jeng jeng!

I'm speechless. Errm, okay now I know it's 'swine flu', not 'pig flu'. Okay, I guess I can deal with that. I learned something, that's good for me, don't you think so? (ngeles)

But I think again: What if I was really in the Miss Universe competition and say out loud 'Pig Flu' in front of the judges? Guess I would embarrassed you, Indonesia! ;D

Undersea Restaurant!

Again I'm surfing the internet all night long. Fyi, my math assignment haven't done yet. I don't know, I'm really not in the mood to finish it rrrrrrrrr ;(
Such a lazy girl! Hahaha

But then I found this!
Ithaa (which is pronounced “eet-ha”) is the first-ever undersea restaurant. This amazing restaurant located at Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa.
Extremely superb, right? It reminds me about Krusty Krab hihi :P

Source : Kaskus ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P.O.D. Reunites!

On April 20th, me, Fany, Inge, Kara, and Momo went to Kota Tua. We hang out together again, we hadn't done it for so looong time.
It's really fun to reunite with your junior high school pals in fact that since we're in high school, we're not really close to each other anymore. It's pretty sad, but now I'm glad we make it up :)

Okay, we call ourselves P.O.D. (rrrrrr I won't tell you what it stands for because it's pretty shameful *ROTFL)
We've been closed to each other since 9th grade. We've had ups and downs. How many times do we have argued on each other? Uncountable.

To be honest, if I compare P.O.D. and RR (my family-friend on SHS), they're truly different.
RR is more 'go with the flow'. We rarely have different argument. If there's so, we don't really care. It always doesn't matter who wins the argument-battle.

Fyi, we've never been fighting at each other. FOR REAL!
Magical, huh?

RR is a really fun fun circle of friends, but from P.O.D, I learned from them about pushing my own ego. I'm a self-centered person really, a very hardheaded one. When I was in JHS I can go really nuts if what I want can't come true (what a spoiled little bitch! LOL). Nooooooooooow I can deal with that pretty muchos :) hehehe

P.S. : I had a great time, can't wait for the the next journey, yay!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Make-Up

These days I found some of my girlfriends using makeups.
It's normal, really. Sometimes I use lipbalm and eyeliner too (because my eyes are so tinyyyyyyyy!) LOL.

But Mosa told me, that he really hates girl who use many makeups. He's okay with lipbalm because he knows my lips are so pale and dry, he's okay with eyeliners too (but occasional only!)

But again, he beg me not to use any makeup.
"Girls are prettier without makeup. Makeup is nothing but useless. It only hides your beauty, really. It's a mask for those who are not confident about themselves," he said.

Took a long time for me to agree with him, but now I realize that he's right. Found some photos of my friends with makeups. It turns me off. Pretty, but much prettier without makeup!

Pardon me if I sound really annoying and 'sotoy', but really... keep it simple girls.
Use smile as your number 1 make up tool! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mine's 4 Recently Favorite Songs

I’m sorry if all of these are female singer’s song ;)

Katy Perry - Thinking of You (Album: All of The Boys)

Comparisons are easily done
Once you've had a taste of perfection
Like an apple hanging from a tree
I picked the ripest one
He kissed my lips
But I taste your mouth
He pulled me in
I was disgusted with myself

I've always ♥ Katy Perry! She’s cute, unusual, sexy, and have that quirky-vintage style that I adore so much!
She have received many critics because her controversial lyrics (check out I Kissed a Girl and You’re So Gay), but hey! She doesn’t have to be a pious girl all of the time, right? Sometimes I feel déjà vu when I listen to her songs, I feel like I’m seeing myself. I think every girl has their wild personality inside, and Katy Perry successfully translated that into songs.

Lady GaGa ft. Colby O. Donis – Just Dance (Album: The Fame)

I'm psychotic synchypnotic
I got my blue burners and phonic
I'm psychotic synchypnotic
I got my brand electronic

Frankly I wasn’t interested in listening to her music. Why? Mostly because I was turned off by many of her pictures in the magazine. She has that loony hair signature style (which is Minnie Mouse look alike, duh!) and often wears super mini jumpsuit in every event that she attends. I thought she was a rebellion girl just like Amy Winehouse. Thought she has that weird voice like Amy’s too (to Amy Winehouse’s fans, no offense).
But when I did apprentice job at Gadis magazine, I got a task to write a column about her style! A little bit not too excited at first, but then I browsed about her fashion style, and then I started to like her. Yes I do admit that she has that SUPER SEXY bit bitchy fashion sense which is a bit annoying, but she’s COOL! I listened to her song, Just Dance, and fell in love at first hear. Her voice is really good. Nothing like Amy’s :P

Taylor Swift - Love Story (Album: Fearless)

That you were Romeo
You were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you please don't go

A very unique song about Romeo and Juliet! It became perfect when Taylor’s lovely voice sings it. Believe it or not, this song magically can boost up my mood!

Demi Lovato – La La Land (Album: Don’t Forget)

I'm not a supermodel
I still eat McDonald's
Baby, that's just me
Who said I can't be single
And have to go out and mingle
Baby, that's not me

Correct me if I’m wrong, but ‘La La Land’ refers to Hollywood, don’t you think so? Hehehe
Besides the catchy beat, this song has a good moral about valuing yourself. You have to avoid negative tends that may hurt yourself; such as crazy dieting, alcohol, cigarette, ah you name it.
I confess that sometimes I DO worry too much about my appearances and what people think about me. I did diet, I had alcohol, I spent much money for nothing but wasteful things. I was wrong.
It was something that I did just because I don’t want to be a dork. The tendencies to be exist sometimes pushes you to the depths of misery. This song makes me realize, maybe if I’m a Hollywood celebrity, I’ll be those who are alcoholics, drug-users, DUIs... rrrrrrrrrrrrr

Guess I got to change myself to a better me :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

got a shoe !

Look what Mosa bought for me:

Yes, a pair of oxford ankle boots! 2 weeks ago I explored the whole ITC Kuningan in the hope of finding ankle boots. But it ended sucks, I didn't find any cute pair (sigh)
I was pretty upset and sad that day :(
It's really difficult to find stylish ankle boots with cheap price! Hahaha
But now, he definitely brighten up my day :)

Find it at A To Z Fashionline. It's an online store at Facebook.
It's easier to find cheap price ankle boots at an online store than the offline one, really.

Tips : If you want to buy ankle boots, better pick one size bigger than your usual size, so it won't be too tight.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's been almost 2 weeks ago, but I still want to share with you all that I had a chance to taste how it feels to work on a magazine company. I was chosen to do apprentice in Gadis Magazine, for three days!

They only choose 3 girls for one period. Each one got different kinds of job. Every kinds of job has different places to work, they call it 'lot' (Indonesia : kavling). There are kavling Gaya, kavling Gaul, and kavling Gosip. Fortunately, they put me in kavling Gaya :)

Kavling Gaya has very much but interesting jobs. They stylize the models and the celebrities, they write texts, articles for the magazine, they manage the photoshooot, they do makeovers, ah you name it!

I learn ALOT from there and now I miss the atmosphere ALOT too...

All of the crews are very welcoming and caring, really. That's why I like the atmosphere alot, it's very homey. I hope I can work in such atmosphere someday :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand..... I don't take much pictures, I'm a bit 'jaim' those days HUAHAHA. I'm trying to be as professional as I can.

models: Faradina & Sheila Schulze , stylist: Hanny Desky

It's Been a While

I'm so sorry for not posting for a pretty long time. I don't mean to abandon my blog, really!
But I do think that I'm a bit boring with it, so maybe I will change the layout a little :)

Not too much changes, I'm sure (I don't really understand how to change the layout, how can I change it much, rite? Hehe) juuuuuuust tiny bit details.

Anyway, I'm planning for my birthday party. My birthday will be on May 1st. Not a party actually, not a big bash at all.
It just me treating my friends with foods, and maybe a little blow up to the candle? That's kind of birthday party that I want, really.
Call me antisocial, but I do dislike hanging with those who I don't really close to. I'm not good at mingling... I prefer little cliques :)

Promise I'll keep you informed!