Sunday, September 27, 2009


Quick post baby! I'm trying my hardest not to abandon this blog, but I've been a really busy bee. Sorry ;(

Okay, yesterday I came to see a circus. Yes, an Oriental Circus held by Taman Safari Cisarua. It's located at Greencove BSD, near Teraskota. It's pretty cool, but definitely the last years performance was better. They've came here about rrrrr 5 years ago (if I'm not mistaken) and their performance was better. I felt kinda bored at the end of the show. IDK why.

Well, if you want to watch this also, no need worry about the heat because it's full air conditioned. And they have this big tent for their show! A very big one, I'm wondering how they can pack it up all to the truck and go touring from place to place! That must be tricky :P
Pictures, guys! :)

the stage. quite big, huh?

the acrobat, I kept on screaming while I was watching them jump from rope to rope! *norak

the dog show! One of them named Jenny :( grrrr!

stupid face

The elephant show came out in a drama, it's boring IMO. They used dubbing for the entire show.

♥ the spirit!

please welcome, CINDY!

Cindy nya ngambek

sorry it's kinda blurry. They all are on a bike, FYI.

knotted blue shirt - thrift store, white tank - ITC, black shorts - 61
studded sandals - Cherokee, zebra slingbag - Wewe U Community

Love you bunch! :)

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