Sunday, July 12, 2009

Featured in Gadis Magazine

Hey guys! I was featured in Gadis Magazine vol. 19 :)

I got in this conversation about 'Anak Gaul Jakarta' a.k.a AGJ with other girls from various schools (you can see the details below). Pretty informative if you eager to know what 'AGJ' really is.

just click it to read it! :D
Pretty cool, uh? :)

But I gotta make a point that I don't really think I was suitable to be there on that conversation. Because really I'm not an 'anak gaul', at all!

I do like to go see movies, check out the mall, go to various concert, etc, but still. I'm not like those other girls who joined the conversation above. I'm not an easy person to make new friends, not a people person. I'm not an 'anak gaul' if you define 'anak gaul' as a person who likes to mingling and have bunch of friends from many schools. I don't, I really don't :)

But in my opinion, 'anak gaul' is a person who cares about things that happens around him/her. Someone who you can talk to almost about anything because he/she has a very wide knowledge. They browse the internet, watch TV, or read newspaper and magazine, that's why they know many things.

Please don't define someone is GAUL just because they like to hangout in malls such as PIM, Sency, etc. No offense but I got to say it's pityful. There are bunch of people who doesn't like to hangout in malls and cafes, but they are smart and have many friends. A very likeable person.

I found out that the wrong stereotype of 'anak gaul' is intimidating. It makes many people feels singled out. It happens in my school, really... They become uncomfortable to make friends with those who they think are 'anak gaul'. It's a sad sad reality :( How a stereotype can make people turned down.

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