Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hey Lookleteer!

If you have a dream to be a fashion stylist or you like to styling someone's outfit, there's a webpage that I guarantee you'd love! Please welcome, :)
If you know Polyvore, then it's like the easier version of it.
It's very fun to do! Wohooo! (lebay) I've been a Lookleteer since early June.

But I gotta say the fun is getting less since the member of is also getting more and more each day. What I mean is, I often get lag while I'm playing which is I found very ANNOYING! Hahaha
Be patient, and just calm yourself when you can't save your look because the loading is way so long til it come to no end! I prefer to memorize all my outfit, close the tab, and open the new tab then open again the Then repeat the styling that I did before. See? There's a plus plus here... Looklet is also useful to train your anger-management! :P

This is few of my looks :) Mind to click the ♥ icon if you like my look here

Happy Looklet-ing guys! xoxo

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