Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thrifting Spirit!

It's been a long time since the last post, I’m so sorry I hadn’t got a chance to update this blog :(

I'm very busy lately. Gotta say being a 12th grader is super hard. I have a very tight schedule since I took so many courses such as Quin (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday), english course (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and), Villa Merah (Saturday), and some art workshop too in Sunday once a month.

It's killing me softly... hiks ;(
I'd never taken any courses before, I was like all free everyday! And then suddenly, I have a super tight schedule, I found it drives me nut! Wish me to adapt with this schedule very soon.

Well, I can't write too much. There's an architecture homework waiting for me. I'll just post pictures of my fabulous findings in Pasar Baru half month ago! Yeaaaaaaaaaay :)
The place is really comfy if you compare it with Pasar Senen. Recommended place if you want to do thrift shopping :)

I bought 17 pieces of outfit, and it only costs Rp 120.000!
Hahahaha *big smile

Here's the photos:

Only some pictures, there are also a pink blazer, chessboard look-alike shirt, tie, etc.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maybe I need to thrift shop again to cheer up my day haha :P

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Jessica said...

akhirnya dikau thrifting jugaaaaaaaaa ^^