Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Seventeen

My sweet seventeen birthday is coming. Though it's still on May which means there's still a long way to go (sorry I'm overly thought about it ;p), but ya know, we have to prepare it well, aight? :)

Well well, some of my friends celebrated their birthday with parties. It's pretty fun and I agree, seventeenth birthday is important. Especially for yeah, girrrls :)

But uh.........
Sadly to say I don't really like parties :(
That's why yesterday when my mom asked me how I want to celebrate my birthday and offered me a party, I forwardly answered, "Aaaa mommy..... no parties, please."

Call me a geek HAHA
If someone invites me to a party, I would really like to come :) I do, I really do. But me, to be the center of spotlight? Naaayyyy ;(
I'm not a people person, not an easy going, or a girl next door.
I have a fierce face (not in a good way like Tyra Banks said, but in a scary way hihi) or in Indonesia we call it 'jutek'. If I'm not smiling, it gets even worse.

I have that jutek face, really. It has benefits and loss :)

Well the benefits are:
Mostly scumbags are afraid to annoy me. Some alay also turned off by my face, they lose their appetite to tease me (HAHA mamam dah tuh)
Second, I look so mysterious and cool, right? :) Don't you think so?? (ahahahahaha it sounds disgusting, I'm sorry. It's almost 12 pm, I'm getting crazy :p)

And the loss is most people would say I'm not a friendly person at first time they meet me.
Even worse, I don't interact really well with other people ;(

If you knew me just in a little time, then you won't say I'm a fun person. I don't talk much with new people, I would get so weird and quiet (ngik ngok)
Some people also say I'm annoying and snobbish! Gosh! Ahahahaha!
It's so contrast with my personality in reality............................

Here's the proof;

HEHEHEHEHE (ketawa iblis)
Well well well, let's go back to the main topic
I hope all the blablablahs above can express what I meant to tell you that I don't fit in crowds.
I prefer a little clique. A little tiny party with my closest friend, that's enough for me :)
Anyways, I don't like to spend much money just to have a phenomenal party :(
It's cool, I know. Having so much friends attend to your party, and you instantly become a rockstar for just one night................. such a dreamy dreamy dream hehehe
But, I quoted what my friend, Indira, said: "Ngapain sih bikin pesta heboh2, ngasih makan temen2 lo yang uda kaya, berkecukupan, dan bisa makan setiap hari? Mending juga ngasih makan orang2 yang kurang mampu, makan jarang. Mereka lebih butuh itu."
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa SETUJU :)

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