Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zefanya's Birthday

Last night I went to Zefa's birthday party, located at Bumbu Desa. And it's a pretty fuuuuuuuuuuun night! The crowd is great, the meals are yummy :) and the band was totally awesome. (pssst, there was also a featuring performance by Saint Locco vocalist, which is the birthday boy's uncle CMIIW)
the best part is, my favorite band, She Likes Money, performed too (muah! i hadn't seen them perform quite long time)
overall it's a great night! yippppppppeeeeee :D
Zefa, happy birthday!

some of the crowd (left to right: fenny febe ellen ardi me cindy alvian renee lisya inge michelle momo anggy mpy che2)

(left to right: michelle mpy cindy inge me alyosha alvian renee freddy febe ardi fenny ellen)

SHE LIKES MONEY ft. Saint Locco <333

ft. cindy, i was surprised that the wedges (which is a part of my outfit) doesn't hurt me AT ALL
it's soooooooo comfy to wear hahaha guess I'm getting better at wearing heels :P

my RR family, bunch of loves! xoxo

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