Monday, January 26, 2009

My Old Files

Hello folks! I want to say Happy Chinese New Year for all of you who celebrate it! Dapet angpao banyak ya? Bagi doooong ;p

Hehehe have a pity on me because I got no angpao at all (I'm not chinese, hiks so sad) but I'm happy for you. I know everyone has their own luck, and maybe this January 26th is just not mine hehe.

Well, I spent this day calling Mosa by phone, joking and laughing at each other. Yeah yeah yeah bunch of thanks for Axis. Their Axis-Akrab promo (which makes me be able to call 8 of my friends only for one rupiahs HAHAHA) is greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat! Ahahaha baik ya? (copy tagline Axis) ;p

Oh yeah, Anggy texted me today. She reminded me about a task. A religion subject task, about modern lifestyle. Yaaaaaaaaaaiiikkss, I didn't remember about it at all. I'm careless, super careless hehehehe

Yeah, but I'm working on it right now. Though I really dislike it ;(
I'm wondering, why teachers are always giving their students many tasks that waste so much papers? Like this religion task?? I have to print it in maaaaaaany papers, ARGH! It's so wasteful, don't you know that we should use the paper properly? Do you know how many trees in the world cutted off just to make papers?

Geez, call me a freak but I do really care about environment (some of my friends called me 'Miss Lingkungan' because I always told 'em not to use plastic haha I'm really sorry if I annoy you) it's the least that I can do. When I do shopping, as far as I can, I won't use the plastic to pack my stuffs if I can put it on my bag :)

Oh yeah, today I eventually found my old file. A file with bunch of poems in it HAHAHA!
I'm so ashameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

file aib kelas 7

When I was in 7th grade, I'm a total mellow person. I loved to write a poem. I remember I had a crush with my senior, but I don't have any guts to at least get to know him or anything. So I just watched him from distance (aaaaa dangdut deh)
And to express my feelings, I wrote couples poems for him. But SURELY I wasn't that insane to show those poems to him....... jaim lah, gile aje lo hehe

I'm in a good mood tonight, so I allow you to read one of those lrtjfdjfskjdljksljdf poems. You may need a bucket in case you eventually want to puke :

Title: Untuknya (judul sudah dangdut saudara saudaraaaaaaaaaaa)

Ketika tiap detiknya berbait merdu
Awan kan berarak mendesah senyumnya
Ketika denyut nadi bergejolak
Pun awan kan memuntahkan gunturnya

Tiap cinta kan diadili
Dengan belati bergerigi
Mencurahkan raga sampai mati
Hanya untuk dia di hati

Sampaikan salamku padanya
Andai kelak tak dapat bersua
Biar buih menyampaikannya
Suratku pada kakanda

Yakin tunggal di cintaku
Ku persembahkan pada yang di ada
Meski sang pendengar tak mendengar
Dalam kalbu ia merasa

Aaaaaaaaaaaa it's silly but it makes me think that I miss writing :'(
On junior high I looooooooooooved to write. Especially novels and short stories. I have one novels made by me when I was in 7th grade, and some short stories too.
Fyi, 2 short stories of mine have been published in a magazine (yay!) I remember how proud I was hehehehe

I would really like to write again....................
I need to sharpen my skills, I haven't use it for quite long time.
So, lazyness, stay away please! My bad habit when I'm writing is; I always wait for my good mood to come.
If I'm in a badmood, uh uh don't even wish I will write anything. I'll leave the paper as a cleansheet HAHAHA (ketawa iblis)

bye folks, mwah!

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