Friday, February 6, 2009

It's The Best Feeling When I'm Home

I'm so glad to be at home :) suddenly I heart everything in my house so much
Well, I just got back from Bantul to attend my school program called live in (February 2nd-5th). It's a program where we, students, have to experience how it feels and how hard it is to live in a small village with all of its plus and minus.
Bunch of my friends said they were having LOTS of excitement, and obviously sad when we have to return to Jakarta. But................. I don't.
I don't know. I do love my live in mother, Bu Lastri. She's young (she's only 26!), pretty, genius at cooking, and funky too! haha
But I crazily miss my family here in Jakarta. Almost every night before I sleep, I cried.
I was AWFULLY homesick, I tell you!
It's weird, I think.
Because my mother is a stewardess for more than 25 years (since before I was born), so it's not a problem from me if she has to work and leave the house for few days or weeks. I'm pretty use to be at home without her.
My father works as a chemical engineering consultant, and sometimes he also leave the house for few days, manage his chemical thing. I'm used to it too.
But I don't know whhhhhhhhhyyyyy this time I was so homesick?
The 2nd night I called my mother, and I was crying so hard.
PS: thank you animals (tokek, kelabang, kecoa, kadal, tokek, laba2, kalajengking) for your bloody scary appearances. You made my day even worse!

Another guy I miss the most is my brother! Aaaaaaaaaaa I admit this guy is hard for me to leave. His name is Christopher, but me and my family call him Makys. He means the world to me *mulai lebay gue haha
Well he never leaves me alone for a long time, most of the time he always with me at home. We're playing together almost everyday, and he's the one I can tell everything. He's the one I always can lean on.
I'm a big sister, but I'm spoiled by my little brother HAHAHA (ketawa setan). When I don't have any money and craving for some food, he will bought it for me. If he wants McDelivery, he always ask me what I want before he pick up the phone. Plus plus: he's super kind, most of the time he pays the bill hehehe
It seems like I'm a total parasite, right hehehe
But if he don't have any money, of course he can borrow me some. So it's a symbiosis mutualism. (ngeles, malu kok kelihatannya gue bokek banget haha. Tapi beneran, barusan dia minjem goceng)
When I'm thirsty but lazy to get up from my bed, he'll take a bottle of water for me. If I want to go somewhere, he'll take me there by motorcycle if it's not too far from home (he's only 12 he don't have any driving license hehe). You know I can't ride a motorcycle, even bicycle ;(
I can ride bicycle, but a small one! And I can't turn right nor left really well. How embarassing.

Too much I can tell about him. I guess I'm the luckiest sister :)

He will pursue his junior high in Ora et Labora, so for 1 year I will be in the same school with him. Yeaaaaayyy :D

I'm so tireeeeeeeeed. I promise I'll post the live in pictures later :) bunch of love,

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