Monday, February 16, 2009

leopard for my valentine wehehehehe

On February 14th (which was Valentine's Day), I went to Pacific Place and Grand Indonesia. I had some bites at Pancious (a lovely little restaurant there, pretty cozy and good atmosphere). The place has a really good vibe, I'm exciting to go there again next time! :)

Well, I had an Oreo Cheese Pancake with vanilla ice cream, and Mosa ordered mushroom fettucine.

mushroom fettucine

oreo cheese pancake with vanilla ice cream

I actually like the mushroom fettucine better than the pancake, hehehe. I will have my own next time :)
Moooooss I'm so sorry if I ate quite many of yours fettucine yesterdaaaaaay hehehehe.

Here some pictures I took yesterday :) check out more on my facebook.

Wish you some L.O.V.E. folks, mwah!

ps: pssst i wore an leopard skirt that was so not me but now absolutely me :) how i adore animal print!

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