Friday, February 13, 2009

in need of a little outfit playing

Aaaaaaaaaaa I'm very confused!
As we all know tommorow is valentine's day :DD (yiihaaaaaa)
I'm planning to go tomorrow, but the destination............. aaaaaa I haven't decide it. Let my partner prepare all the details hehehe
How I loooooove being a woman. We can depend everything on guys HAHAHA (ketawa iblis)

Back to topic, I'm very confused about what I will wear tomorrow. Actually, I bought a dress a month ago, special for this event. BUT, I recognize, that the dress was a bit too much for valentine. So I prefer to just keep it in my closet for now, saving it for another event :)

Last night I exploooore my closet, found two outfit that I think would be nice to wear tomorrow, but errrrrrr
It's a bit................... unlike me usually.

Both of them are mini skirts
Both of them are sleeveless

I've never use any sleeveless dress or shirt before, because of my big big big arms (grrrr)
I rarely use mini skirts, I prefer pants.
But now I break the rules :)
I've been dieting since 4 days ago and I succeed to lose weight. Now I'm 46kgms (HAHAHAHA)
Unfortunately, seems like my arms don't change any bit. It's still huge :'(

Anyway, the skirts option is between black balloon skirt and leopard black & white skirt (yeah, what a brave option hehehehe)
IDK, let's see what happens tomorrow ;)

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GRICIA said...

hi dear..anyway,bs minta emailny bwt kirim ft bag kaki dr lacey leggingny..i'll wait yha..thx