Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Wanna Have a Try!

Hey y'all
I've just googled statement necklace, a fashion item that I reaaaaaaaallly adore right now :)
But eventually, the spotlight goes to this unique shoes!! A heelless shoes. I found it unintentionally.

designed by Antonio Berardi

Marc Jacob's

Victoria Beckham wore it also. And I actually like this one better than the first picture

What an artsy shoes, right? But oh my, wearing high heels shoes are already a complete torture for your feet. What about this heelless?! Maybe even worse......... If our feet could cry, then maybe they would hehehehe. Walking in them will be like walking on your tip toes. I keep picturing myself in them and then falling backward on my ass lol. Probably only ballerina can make these work out :)
Anyway, I still heart these because it's different and out of the box. But I'm still wondering how could we walk on these shoes? How can we not fall? I'll ask my physics teacher later. Some scientific answer would be nice hehehe (ah geez, now I remember about my physics test tomorrow.. errrrr another painful thing)
Ah forget it, here I post you another cool pics I found! :)

a model fell down when wearing these killer shoes oh my it must be so painful ;(
I hope you don't mind that I always throw my rubbish thoughts in this blog hehehehe


intan bercerita said...

wow, heelles shoes is so unique!, i wanna try it too, but i think i can't stand with that shoes , hhaha

Anonymous said...

and ashame...