Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's been almost 2 weeks ago, but I still want to share with you all that I had a chance to taste how it feels to work on a magazine company. I was chosen to do apprentice in Gadis Magazine, for three days!

They only choose 3 girls for one period. Each one got different kinds of job. Every kinds of job has different places to work, they call it 'lot' (Indonesia : kavling). There are kavling Gaya, kavling Gaul, and kavling Gosip. Fortunately, they put me in kavling Gaya :)

Kavling Gaya has very much but interesting jobs. They stylize the models and the celebrities, they write texts, articles for the magazine, they manage the photoshooot, they do makeovers, ah you name it!

I learn ALOT from there and now I miss the atmosphere ALOT too...

All of the crews are very welcoming and caring, really. That's why I like the atmosphere alot, it's very homey. I hope I can work in such atmosphere someday :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand..... I don't take much pictures, I'm a bit 'jaim' those days HUAHAHA. I'm trying to be as professional as I can.

models: Faradina & Sheila Schulze , stylist: Hanny Desky


Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy said...

wah asiknya,kamu magang di Gadis?

Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy said...

Jenn, gw ngisi komen gw itu sebelum kenal di Seventeen loh ya.haha, dunia sempit amat

Jennifer Anandary said...

hehehehehe, it is! :D
tapi seneng kok ikut seleksi magang jadi punya banyak temen hihi (aduh maaf ya gue norak)