Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Make-Up

These days I found some of my girlfriends using makeups.
It's normal, really. Sometimes I use lipbalm and eyeliner too (because my eyes are so tinyyyyyyyy!) LOL.

But Mosa told me, that he really hates girl who use many makeups. He's okay with lipbalm because he knows my lips are so pale and dry, he's okay with eyeliners too (but occasional only!)

But again, he beg me not to use any makeup.
"Girls are prettier without makeup. Makeup is nothing but useless. It only hides your beauty, really. It's a mask for those who are not confident about themselves," he said.

Took a long time for me to agree with him, but now I realize that he's right. Found some photos of my friends with makeups. It turns me off. Pretty, but much prettier without makeup!

Pardon me if I sound really annoying and 'sotoy', but really... keep it simple girls.
Use smile as your number 1 make up tool! :)

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