Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P.O.D. Reunites!

On April 20th, me, Fany, Inge, Kara, and Momo went to Kota Tua. We hang out together again, we hadn't done it for so looong time.
It's really fun to reunite with your junior high school pals in fact that since we're in high school, we're not really close to each other anymore. It's pretty sad, but now I'm glad we make it up :)

Okay, we call ourselves P.O.D. (rrrrrr I won't tell you what it stands for because it's pretty shameful *ROTFL)
We've been closed to each other since 9th grade. We've had ups and downs. How many times do we have argued on each other? Uncountable.

To be honest, if I compare P.O.D. and RR (my family-friend on SHS), they're truly different.
RR is more 'go with the flow'. We rarely have different argument. If there's so, we don't really care. It always doesn't matter who wins the argument-battle.

Fyi, we've never been fighting at each other. FOR REAL!
Magical, huh?

RR is a really fun fun circle of friends, but from P.O.D, I learned from them about pushing my own ego. I'm a self-centered person really, a very hardheaded one. When I was in JHS I can go really nuts if what I want can't come true (what a spoiled little bitch! LOL). Nooooooooooow I can deal with that pretty muchos :) hehehe

P.S. : I had a great time, can't wait for the the next journey, yay!

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