Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Been a While

I'm so sorry for not posting for a pretty long time. I don't mean to abandon my blog, really!
But I do think that I'm a bit boring with it, so maybe I will change the layout a little :)

Not too much changes, I'm sure (I don't really understand how to change the layout, how can I change it much, rite? Hehe) juuuuuuust tiny bit details.

Anyway, I'm planning for my birthday party. My birthday will be on May 1st. Not a party actually, not a big bash at all.
It just me treating my friends with foods, and maybe a little blow up to the candle? That's kind of birthday party that I want, really.
Call me antisocial, but I do dislike hanging with those who I don't really close to. I'm not good at mingling... I prefer little cliques :)

Promise I'll keep you informed!


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