Tuesday, May 12, 2009

17th Birthday

Sorry for the supeeeeeeeeeerr-late posting! I know it's been about almost two weeks since my birthday. So sorry, if this kinda not fresh from the oven hehe.

Anyway, it was located at Urban Kitchen - Senayan City. It's not a party really, does it look like one? Because I didn't plan to make a party really, it was just me treating my friends with food! Really, that's all :)

I'm so happy because they all obey the dresscode, which is no pants for ladies :) Sorry if I sound very not fair because the boys can dress freely haha. But you know! Not much you can expect from boys, even if I give them dresscode maybe they wouldn't follow it.

The guests all looked great that night and I appreciate that. I'm honored with how they dressed up for my birthday, really HIKS. I want to cry ;(


I won't blabbing too much, because I know photo can says thousands words :

Harvest Opera cake with a photo of mine hehe (p.s. : the photo is eatable!)

the girls


the boys

i had a blast really. thanks guys! :)

That day I got maaaaaaaaaaaaaany presents too!!! HAHAHA (I'm even smiling when I wrote this).
I got like tons of Doraemon stuffs, yaaaay! And many other cute stuffs, of course such as doll, bag, necklace, summer dress, book, etc. Aaaaa I can't say thank you enough :)

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