Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mommy Daddy, I Want This!

Yesterday I went out with my family. It's a cool day, really. We had fun.
But what makes it very excited is the fact that my Dad will consider to buy me a brand new camera! Yaaaaaay! We went to Electronic City, and he fell in love also with this adorable baby:

It's Canon Powershot G10
You know what, I've been very annoyed by my digicam performance! It have no anti-blur or any stabilizer. I often have to do photoshop first before I upload it, otherwise the pictures will be so bad. I'm sorry if I always provide you with low quality pictures :(

But my mommy promised me that she will buy this for me, I can't wait to hold this as my brand new baby ;D LOL

Anyway why do I choose G10 instead of DSLR? Well, I pick this because some friends of mine told me that DSLR will make me spend moooooooooore money on lens, accesory, etc, and it's more heavy also. I only use camera for walk around, I don't want to be busy or tired holding a giant camera. This G10 is pretty compact and easy to bring :)

Aaaaa can't wait for May 29th! Hihihi


Jessica said...

btw, di electronic city brapa sih? gw kemaren nyari liat di internet ituh 5 jt an gituh..

Jennifer Anandary said...

iya emang 5 jutaan...
gue liat di electronic city juga, dan itu udah diskon loh
kalo belom diskon 6 juta
mahal ya -.-
jadi serem makenya hehehe