Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh Just Shoe Me!

Few weeks ago I posted about an ankle boots that I have. Remember these pair?

I can't help myself but tell you this, I don't want you to be lied or something. Okay! I bought these pair of boots from an online shop. And it costs only about Rp. 130.000,-
Yeah, it's pretty cheap right? Hehe ;P

But few days ago I went to PIM and found EXACTLY the same shoes like mine in a store called Cherokee. I can say EXACTLY because I checked the quality and the brand and the fabric and everything, and it all same. They're like identical twins.

Except one thing. Uh huh, the price.
I looked on the price tag and I see this numbers : Rp 385.000,-

WTF?! They're exactly the same, but this pair costs 3 times more expensive??

No offense for the Cherokee store, but hey how could you be so mean to put that super-pricey price?! Most of your costumer are teenagers, hello. Have some pity for us, we're still get money from our parents, we're not working yet. Even you're located at PIM, in my opinion, it's still unrational if you're making up price that high.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm so mad! But at the same time I feel blessed because I know this and I can share it to you guys.
(thanks for my dear Mom who taught me to always comparing price. Because of that habit, I always can get the cheapest one LOL)

P.S. : Be a smart fashionista! Never be fooled by the price, find the chicest and the cheapest ;)


putche said...

djenar (sok" pake nickname)..
mw tau donk online shopnya yg mana. hehehe. lagi searching ankle boots juga nih, tpi tnang, beda model kok. heheheh.

Jessica said...

boleh tau ngak online shop ny di mana? muraaaah.mau psen sepatu juga.. =)

Jennifer Anandary said...

di facebook: A To Z Fashionline
liat di friends gue okok? :)

Jennifer Anandary said...

eh ini aja ding biar gampang hehehe