Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ethnic Meets City

On November 21st, I joined Ethnicity, a make up competition held by Lasalle College Jakarta. Well actually I didn't join, I just helped my friend Shinta who asked me to be the model.

I was surprised because frankly I know nothing about modelling! LOL but I was excited, it's a great great opportunity and I'm really grateful, anyway :) I love trying new things!

The theme is about ethnic meets modernity. Shinta and I talked a bit about the make up and we came up with an idea to personize a peacock!

Cool, huh? :D Shinta did a great job with the make up! I'm blind about make up to be honest with you, I alwaaaaaaays amaze when I see myself wearing make up.
Well we didn't win the competition, but I'm still happy. Tired but happy. I love fashion, I hope someday I can work on fashion industry, which is a tough tough world. Make up and modelling is something that is very close to fashion industry, so, this experience means alot to me. I'm a sponge, I looove absorping new things.
Oh I wasn't this positive person but as I grow older, I think I'm becoming more mature handling everything. I think. I guess. I hope. :)

Anyway, in that event, there's also a dialog between audience and a make up artist (I totally forgot what his name is!) He came with a model and he did her make up.

she's sooooo tall!
Philip, Nadia, me, Shinta, Putri
That's all the story folks. Keep waiting on my next next experiences ahead! Smooches.


Bunga Kariodimedjo said...

Sumpah, keren banget jen :D two thumbs up gue suka banget make up lo

Jennifer Anandary said...

thanks bunga!! I like it very much also. Temen gue emang hebat make up nya