Friday, December 4, 2009

Eco Design Fashion @FOSIL - Santa Ursula

At the end of October, Cindy, Momo, Anggy and I joined a competition at Santa Ursula BSD. The title of the event is FOSIL: Festival Olahraga, Seni budaya, dan Lingkungan.

There are plenty of competitions there, quite fun. The one that we entered is a fashion design competition, and what makes it so unique is that we have to use recycle material! This is our sketch:

Click to see it!

At first we thought about making a gown-like dress, but because we only have 3 days to make the outfit (each day we got only about 3 hours) we chose to make a short dress. Besides, we also thought it would suit Anggy (the model) better. She's not too tall, so I guess she'll look better with the above knee length dress. Guess we've made the right decision :)

I didn't have time to take a shot when we were working on the dress, sorry :( but I took some when we were preparing for the catwalk.

Bayu (makeup artist slash our friend) did a fab make up!

We didn't win, but I felt so happy and I didn't regret at all joining that competition, I think it's a matter of experience. Very priceless experience, especially when yeah you know, there aren't many high school fashion competition in Indonesia. I did my best, gave my all. It's all gambling and I didn't expect myself to win.
Wonder why? Because I can't even sew! Huahahaha, I don't know a thing about sewing. Gotta say thanks a bunch to my friends, they all did the sew part. :P
PS: We sewed manually with our hands.

Oh and what makes me surprise even more is because I found my old friend when I was in Tarakanita 5 Elementary School, Yovita. She joined the competition also, and won the 1st place! Congrats! She's now in Sanur POS JakPus. Well the 2nd winner is Sanur BSD B, and the favorite winner is Sanur BSD A.

Inge, Febe, Stesa, Mosa, Eky, Chandra, came! Also Bagas, Kevin, Dhika, Chiwi, Lesa. Thanks for coming guys :)
Oh and well, the best part! We took pics in one of Sanur's class! Yes that legendary class. So sorry if we use your school's inventary (read: we stand on it). Truly it's just for fun hehe. Peace yo.

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