Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Krey and A Ring

Finally I attended Brightspot Market. Great vibe, great stuffs, but definitely the price is rather expensive for a high school student like me hehehe. But that's okay, it's an exciting event. I was be able to meet various local designers. Seen them in magazines and websites, I feel glad to see 'em in person. Go local designers! :) Indonesia should have more bazaar like this.


the place is quite small unfortunately

my shopping mates: Momo, Anggy, Inge

Anggy found her separated at birth twin! Hahahaha kidding. It was just a random guy, that apparently was wearing the same exact shirt like Anggy's. ROTFL!

I've planned not to buy too many things, so I didn't. I only bought 2 items: a white whipped-cream-alike ring from Katallog and a krey shawl from Cotton Ink. Cheap and chic! :D

fell in ♥ with it at the first sight

(taken from Cotton Ink) Sorry I don't post the real pic cause it's being washed when I write this blog hehe. And I bought the orange color actually.

It hurts my heart to see myself spending so much money buying all those fashion things. I know (MOSTLY) they aren't cheap. I still get money from my parents and I don't want to be a burden for them. Since that, I've promised myself not to spend alot anymore. Now I only pick basic thing, do DIY more, and definitely thriftiiiiiing! :D I rarely go to Mangga Dua, PIM, Sency, or any other malls to shop. Pasar Senen and Pasar Baru is my brand new hot-shopping-places!
Blog you when I blog. Smooches! ♥


NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

i luv u're photo shoot dear :)

Benazio R.P said...



wah gue gatau kalo bakalan rame banget kayak gitu yaaa.. ga pernah kepikiran fashion tiba2 sekarang pengen belanja2 macem2 haha hidup fesyen! :D

Jennifer Anandary said...

novitaristiana: thanks novita! :D I'm still practicing to use my camera hahaha glad if you like it

benazio: rame benjeeeeeet ben hahaha