Friday, December 4, 2009

Tough Week

I hate to always apologizing at the opening of my post. But I do, I do really sorry for abandoning this blog of mine. :(

I'm so busy, I got BUNCH of courses, tests, assignments, those are killing me. I don't have anytime to enjoy myself or even go out somewhere rather far. Never do photoshoots again, or even do mix and match with my clothes.
Living as a 12th grader is TOUGH. Hell TOUGH. I feel like most part of myself changing. Say bye bye to fun.

My Physics textbooks and notebooks! Hrrrrr I like Physics but definitely not when I have to remember those insane formulas.
6 chapters, guys. Oh my.

Sometimes I just wanna cry at night, hoping that everything will get better. In that condition I could only pray, and then make a phone call with my bf, bursting all my sadness and anxiety. Huh, big time fragile loser.

Anyway, I've just passed my exam week! Yuhuuuu! Errr not yet over actually, because I still got 2 exam days more to pass, but I feel like it's already over because there are only few 'not so important' subject LOL

Oh and by the way, I joined a fashion design at Santa Ursula BSD and make up competition at Lasalle College couple of weeks ago. Will post it on the next post. Have a peek, guys! :)


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