Monday, December 22, 2008

Bolt (Y)

I had my sidi todaaaaaaaaay (claps) :)
and I think I went through every details of it really good. I'm cool ;P
Please ignore the last post about my nerve-wracking thing before sidi, i'm pretty 'lebay' you know hehehe

Today I also went to a movie and watch Bolt. So-so movie, I think...... just a common story about dog and his person. But the Bolt is reaaaaaaaaally a cutie. Several times it reminds me about Obel, a silly white-fur poodle I have.
The way Bolt barks or sleeps, exactly the same way like Obel does.

Ah well, can't write too long. :)
I gotta practice the 'Christmas Time' song that I will perform on my family Christmas party.
I'm still working on memorizing the lyrics, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Hope I can memorize all the lyrics and also the notes before December 27th.
How I hate deadline ;(

See you, muchlove !

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