Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jingle Bell Rocks

I got my Sour Sally today, yihaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! At last! Hehehe
A bit long queue I had but it's totally worth it. Viva Sour Sally! :)

Here the story goes, at 2 pm I went to Sour Sally in Senayan City, and then (as usual) a stupid thing happened. Because of me. My foolishness. Geez, haha

I thought Sour Sally was on the 4th floor, the floor where mostly restaurants and foodcourts are, so I took the escalator to the 4th floor. But after I arrived, then it's just pop up in my mind that Sour Sally is on the lower ground floor. I remembered that I read it yesterday on magazine hehehe silly me ;P

And still....... at the lower ground floor I was searching for Sour Sally all over the place, and can't found it! But it's okay, I found it anyway at last (after I travel the whole lower groundfloor twice) huahahahaha. It's right next to my eyes but I just didn't recognize hihi. I can be so clumsy, I tell ya.

plain flavor medium size with kiwi and strawberry topping, yum! :)

my silly-happy-stupid face haha

And Mosa, thank you for accompanied me. :)
Sorry for the clumsiness, it must be reaaaaaally tiring to hangout with me, rite? Hehehe

I'm lucky to have such a superpatient person like yoooooouuuuuuu! Hehehe

Well, back from Senayan City, at 7 pm I went to Christmas Night Celebration at church.
And uuuuuuuuuuurrrggghhhhhhhhhh I don't know why, I really can't concentrate when I'm in church lately. I used to be paying attention well, but now I'm a total loser! I can't stop text messaging the whole ceremony, geez. I'm a sinner. I only pay attention when there's a choir singing. Wtf?! I'm feeling guilty honestly....... sigh.

Well, Merry Christmas everybooooooody ♥ ♥ ♥
and Happy Birthday, mom! :)

Hugs and kisses,

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