Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Just like the other night (oops, correction: the other booooooooooooooring night), I surfed the internet like crazy -_- euwwwwwwww

and I just found this:

Confused? Well, it's an image of kids in Bangkok, Thailand. As we all know, Thailand has many (or shall I say much?) transexuals, and you know what? Sometimes they're even prettier than the original local girl (woaah) haha. It's amazing because, as far as I see, mostly of Indonesian transgender still lookin' like a guy. And it's pretty scary sometimes (no offense).

But I had never wondered that the urge to be a transexual has already came when they are still in school!!!!
It's funny at first to see those pictures, but it's hurting me also. I mean, how come????
They're sooooo lady-like.
They're posing like me when I take pictures.
Oh gosh......................

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intan bercerita said...

hi, nice blog :)
oh my god, how old are they?